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Unexpected Provision

We were accompanied by two couples a while ago to Ongpin to buy our wedding ring... We only have 5k at hand but the ring's for 8k... Ate Joy covered for the amount that we lack... but later on, she said that we dont have to pay it back! Then Ate Helen also brought her wedding gown... I tried to put it on and surprisingly, it fits me well!

I dont know what to say or think of... We were not raised to borrow from someone or ask for someone's help but God has His own way of providing for His children's needs... We may not expect it but He has His own way of hitting two birds with one stone--providing for your needs and teaching you some of His principles.

I was just humbled by this experience... Indeed, He never forgets... His promise remains!


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matagal ko na tong gustong i-post


hehehehe.. sa dami ng ginagawa, ngayon lang ulit nagkaron ng time na mag-blog.. hehehehehe

well, for the past weeks, i've been hearing na bumababa na nga ang value ng dollar... [PRAISE GOD!!!!] hooooooooooooooooooooh! heheheheh sobrang natutuwa talaga ko sa news na yun.. though alam kong most of the filipinos are murmuring kase sayang nga naman ang money na hindi nila nakukuha dahil mataas na ang halaga ng piso... nakakalungkot lang kase hindi sila masaya.. thinking na sariling bayan mo yung umaangat.. my heart's just broken na ganun na ang sitwasyon dito... =j kalungkot... =j and thinking that they're asking for a fair palitan..? hooh.. hay.. can't blame them.. it's just that i'm thankful that GOd's doing that to our country... =) umaangat ang Pilipinas!!! prayer ko nga na Lord.. sana... pag graduate ko, mataas na ang value ng piso para di na kailangang pumunta sa ibang bansa ng mga tao..

naisip mo na ba na minsan ka lang mabubuhay sa mundong to, malalayo …


hay.. tapos na sa thesis.. sana malagyan nila ng recommendations.. [yun na lang yung gagawin... -sigh-] oh Lord.. hehe hoooh!

bakit ganun.. hehe.. di ko talaga naisip na ako na lang ang gumagawa.. hoooh... =j


sana di ma-late sa duty...



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By bob JonesThe Lord took me to a place and I saw the great prophets of the Bible. I saw Elijah, Elisha, I saw all the prophets of the Old Testament. I was the apostle John, the martyrs. And they’d all been told by the Lord to stick their hands into the sand of time.As I watch them, they would pick up a shoebox. One of them was the Apostle Paul. And he brought the shoebox up and he said, “It’s my time.” The apostle Paul believed that what was going to happen now! was going to happen in his time. And he opened the shoebox, and it was empty. And so another prophet came behind him. And the Lord said, “Stick your hand into the sand of time.” Every prophet they all believed it was going to take place in their time and it did to a measure because all the wisdom that is down here now comes through these men and each one added something to the sands of time.It came my time and He said, put your hands in the sands of time and pull up the shoebox. And I said, “Why Lord? Everybody else has done …